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So what is Orange SEO’s Broward Digital Makeover Special all about?

It’s quite simple. After years of managing national eCommerce and lead generation campaigns, Orange SEO & Web Design has dedicated a team exclusively geared towards giving South Florida businesses the edge the need to bounce back with the economy before snowbird season. Founded by a native Floridian, Orange has always had a culture of giving back to South Florida via volunteer efforts, charity and now getting hands on with the community that built the agency to what it is today.

What all is included in Orange SEO’s Broward Digital Makeover Special?

Everything that your business needs to be successful online! We’re talking a full head to toe makeover that includes 3 major parts:

Graphic Design | Branding

Your business should be represented digitally with the same integrity and pride that you dedicate to your brick & mortar store or service. A huge part of this is having a logo and branding that draws prospects in and relates that you care about your business and it’s clients. Do you have a logo that is a little dated? The Orange Team will keep the same look and modernize it for you. We will send you all logo files for future use. If you already have a logo, that is fine, we will use that to implement into your digital strategy.

Web Design | Web Redesign

There are several characteristics that makeup a quality website. A web design that will perform well must look professional, modern and exciting. The website must also be easy to navigate and in the end, funnel a user into an action, whether it be making a call, visiting a location or filling out a lead form. The professionals at Orange SEO and Web Design have decades of experience in all best practices that lead to a beautiful, high converting website design.

Local SEO | Google Maps

SEO is the most important part of what we have to offer. What good is great branding on a beautiful website, if there is no one getting to see it? This is where search and Google Maps/Places optimization is crucial. With our Broward Digital Makeover Special, we will guarantee you a first page ranking as well as a top 3 Google Map ranking for one focus keyword. Length of time it will take to achieve this will vary depending upon the competitiveness of the keyword but typically we can accomplish these rankings in 30-60 days for a local search term.


Local SEO Results

Below are results of a client that signed up for the Broward Digital Makeover Special less than a month ago. Proof of our work can be found by our tag on the bottom of the website: www.modmothervapors.com


So what is the catch?

There is none! The motivation behind offering this at such a deeply discounted rate is simply to create some synergy with other local businesses. Typically a package like this starts at $3,000 but were are currently offering the Broward Digital Makeover Package for $1499. All we ask, when we do a great job for you, you allow us to add small text stating “Web Design & SEO by Orange SEO at the bottom of your site, leave us a review on Google Places and tell any friends and family about us if they ask who did your website. We know delivering quality results, on time, will make Orange SEO your go to digital marketing agency in the future if you’re ever looking for things like email marketing or additional SEO. Let’s create something great together!

The $1499 Broward Digital Makeover Special breakdown:

Graphic Design | Branding

  • Logo Design
  • Logo Update
  • Custom brand consistent graphics
  • Hi resolution website images and editing

Web Design

  • Website design or redesign
  • Contact form creation & email integration
  • Hi resolution stock images
  • Content rewrite with SEO best practices in mind

SEO | Google Maps

  • 1 keyword
  • Top 3 Google Maps listing
  • 1st Page Organic Search ranking
  • Results guaranteed

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Let's build something great together